About The AKMA

sensei aguinidThank you for visiting the website of the Association of Kenpo Martial Artists (AKMA). My name is Marcello Aguinid and I am the Shihan of the AKMA. Along with my wife, black belt Aileen Aguinid, I am also the owner of the AKMA. The style that we teach is known as Kenpo Karate. It is a style that has continued to evolve for over 1500 years. It has roots in both the smooth flowing movements of Chinese Kung Fu and the hard structured discipline of Japanese Karate. Kenpo is a form of martial art that floats smoothly between the two styles, giving a range not found in all martial arts.

It is a style that teaches true street self survival. It is not a form for the show-off, but for the real person looking to become better not only in regards to their physical body, but also in regards to their mental and spiritual well being. It is a style that, if done well, can lead you toward your own personal self enlightenment.

The AKMA was founded to give people like us a chance to gather and train in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and free from the ego and negative energy that is prevalent in today’s martial arts. The training within the Association is designed to give you certain tools that will enable you to deal with both life and death from a Warrior’s perspective. The training is designed, in essence, to free you from the fear that exists within each of us. When one is in control of fear, life can be truly lived.

My intention in writing this letter is two-fold. On one level, this school is a business, like any other. Our existence depends on a steady influx of new students. But is also written to weed out those who are looking to obtain the skills of the martial arts for less than honorable reasons. We do not accept every student who wishes to join. Though we advertise a free trial class, it is important to understand that this first class in an evaluation, to make certain the school is a good fit for both yourself and our school.

In closing, I would like you to know that I am someone who works hard to become who I wish to be. I, like everyone else, am flawed in ways. But I endeavor through work and training to improve. If your initial evaluation is successful, and you honor me by choosing to train at the AKMA. I will do everything that is appropriate and right to help you succeed. The martial arts is a path that woke me up to my potentials. I will endeavor to give you the same experience.



Sensei Marcello Aguinid
Association of Kenpo Martial Artists


Address: 151 S. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA. 91502 Phone: (818) 972-9957