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The AKMA is a vibrant and dynamic community of martial artists; a “tribe” if you will, of like-minded people from virtually all walks of life. But regardless of race, sex, religion, class, etc., a common thread unites our members – a desire to become the people we wish to be. To be positive, strong and still, regardless of what external challenges life inevitably throws our way. The training is expertly designed to guide students through the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the martial arts. Each student is allowed to progress at his or her own pace, moving through the “ranks” once they have mastered the skills necessary to proceed.

The AKMA system is “reality based” and though we honor the traditions of the ancient warriors of the martial arts, we have adapted our program to the needs of real people in the modern world. Our system relies on a combination of group classes, individual instruction, targeted seminars, and training manuals combined with suggested reading and video material.

The school is led by Sensei Marcello Aguinid who has over 20 years of Kenpo martial arts experience. Sensei is assisted by a core group of 7 Black Belts, who work closely with students to help them fulfill their potential, both as individuals and as martial artists. Additional support is provided by Apprentices who have reached the Green Belt level.

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