Child Programs


The A.K.M.A. children’s program offers a simple, effective, highly personalized and disciplined approach to introducing children to the martial arts.  While some programs offer flashy uniforms, easy acquisition of belts and what amounts to gymnastics training, at the A.K.M.A. we take pride in keeping things realistic.   What children need most is confidence, increased self-esteem, the ability to control their bodies and respect for fair and just authority.

Our children’s program is taught primarily by Sensei Marcello Aguinid and Mr. Robert Thurmond, both of whom have a genuine devotion to children, an intuitive understanding of when to instill discipline and when to have fun, and contagious enthusiasm for the martial arts.   Sensei Aguinid is a father of two young girls, ages 3 and under a year, and the lessons fatherhood has taught him continually inspire his work as a children’s instructor.

Our program consists of a series of drills, lessons, games, contests and personalized instruction that respects the individual needs of each child, while instilling them with core values that will serve them well for, ideally, the entirety of their lives.   Though highly respectful of the gradient children can work at, the program offers very realistic skills and self-defense techniques that they will be able to call upon should the need arise.

The cost of the children’s program is $90.00 per month, and each additional family member receives a 30% discount. (Please see Sensei Aguinid for more information.) Thank you for your interest in the A.K.M.A.’s children’s program. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Address: 151 S. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA. 91502 Phone: (818) 972-9957