AKMA Beach Retreat 2013

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AKMA 6th Annual Beach Retreat

The Sixth Annual AKMA Beach Retreat was held at Point Mugu State Beach this year and we were rewarded with perfect weather and the gentle sounds of the surf.

Sensei and the Seniors orchestrated a balanced program of topics and drills that served to improve our physical skills, our mental abilities and our spiritual growth.

Although a more complete summary will be coming soon along with some outlines and notes from the presenters, it is fair to say that it was a very full day that had something for everyone; from a discussion of Blade Colors to Body Relaxation exercises.

And it’s always a good day when people are hovering over the food more than the First Aid supplies.


Blade Colors





Counter Entries/Parries

PDFiconSempai Michael Angeles: Counter Entries on Technique Line (PDF)


Double Parry Against A Right Punch

Double Parry Flow Drill

Double Parry With Elbow Strike

Double Parry With Ridge Hand

Double Parry And Leg Check Using Stance Change

Double Parry With Forward Leg Check / Leg Sweep

Japanese Hand Against A Lapel Grab


Perception/Mental Toughness

PDFicon  Sempai Carlo Sayegh: Rapid Response Technique (PDF)



Creating Harmony





Present Time Relaxation





Closing Remarks





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