AKMA Mountain Retreat 2017

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AKMA Mountain Retreat, January 28, 2017

This year’s Retreat marks the start of an evolution. Besides the mountain setting, this annual event was different because of the emphasis on the Mental component. Future events will devote similar study to our Physical and Spiritual selves, but this AKMA Mountain Retreat’s discussions, presentations and drills all focused on the mental aspects of our Kenpo art and how we can apply the skills we hone in the Dojo to our lives.

Shihan Marcello Aguinid began the day by defining the Mental, Physical and Spiritual components that we learn and how they overlap and interact to make us more complete fighters, Warriors and human beings.

Sempai Aileen Aguinid spoke about Goal Setting, and how we can often surpass our self-limiting goals in order to achieve great things. You can read more about her thoughts here.  And learn about “iceberg beliefs” here.

 Sempai Michael Angeles reviewed Kenpo’s triangle footwork and challenged us to approach our Inside Blocks, Outside Blocks and Split Blocks more efficiently.

Sensei Jose Giron discussed using the mind to “cycle through” the things that go into a run with good technique; our stability, neutral energy, and other elements that help us control the outcome of our actions.

Sempai Justin Steinmetz-Deer examined the lessons that he had learned through David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The art of stress-free productivity.

These included several techniques for Time Management, effective planning and completing tasks, including “The Ready State of the Martial Artist”.

As we progress in our martial arts education we may find ourselves in confrontations or combative situations, often with opponents who are aggressive or irrational. Sempai Luis Navarro addressed this in his presentation; Dealing with Angry People in Combat. He discussed strategies for defusing these confrontations, which ranged from Showing Respect to Knowing When To Escalate.




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