Ground Fighting Seminar 1 – 2016

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The Association of Kenpo Martial Artists (AKMA) hosted a Ground Fighting Seminar on August 6, 2016, led by Shihan Marcello Aguinid and Sempai Carlo Sayegh.

Sempai Sayegh discussed and demonstrated a number of techniques, including fighting stances, takedowns, and a variety of defenses from a mounted position.

Participants were able to learn and practice stretches, strikes and traps from the ground throughout the three-hour seminar. Although Kenpo is thought of as a stand-up striking art, ground fighting can be an essential part of defense in a real world fight.

Some of the topics discussed included:

1) Q & A: Concerns and Fears about Ground Fighting

2) Demos: Real Ground Fighting vs. Sport vs. Fake

3) Warm Ups and Stretches

  •      Worm crawls
  •      Shoulder butt crawls
  •      Rear fall cradle kicks
  •      Forward fall rear kicks
  •      Rotating cradle kicks


4) Basics

  •      Falling – Front and Back
  •      Rolling
  •      Tucking
  •      Stances – Sitting, Crouching, One Knee


5) Intermediate

  •      Sitting stance – Strikes/Blocks/Kicks/Traps
  •      Crouching stance – Strikes/Blocks/Kicks/Traps
  •      One Knee Stance – Strikes/Blocks/Kicks/Traps

6) Take Downs from the ground

  •      Single Attacker/ Multi Attacker

Click here for a video summary of some essential techniques taught during the AKMA Ground Fighting Seminar 1

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