Weapons Seminar – 07-01-2017



AKMA hosted a Weapons Seminar on July 1, 2017 that focused on blunt weapons, such as a stick or baton, and edged weapons like knives or swords. In addition, Sempai Jason Faulk discussed the use of improvised weapons that might be used to defend ourselves against attackers.

Using Bahala Na® Martial Arts as a platform of movement, Sempai Faulk demonstrated some of the footwork and striking principles developed by Grandmaster Leo M. Giron.

We worked on our Triangle Footwork with a variety of steps used to get off the “X”, or line of attack. We then advanced to basic stick strikes and partner drills.

Sempai Faulk concluded with some real-world advice about weapons in street situations and the legal ramifications of using weapons to defend yourself and others.

It was a tremendous seminar that helped to broaden our Martial Arts knowledge.



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